A Complete Security Plan includes these four elements:


This can include strong locks, a dog, alarm system signs or stickers, a visible camera or anything else that would make your potential intruder think twice before breaking into your home. Your goal here is to stop the crime before it happens. By making your home visibly secure, the risk and effort required by the criminal will seem to outweigh the potential reward, and your intruder will move on in search of easier prey. Interested in Security Signs from Boss Lock & Security? Contact us to receive yours!


This element applies specifically to your barriers, including: doors, windows, locks and any other perimeter security measure that physically stops someone from getting inside your building. With enough time and effort nearly every barrier can be defeated. But delaying the intruder significantly increases their risk of detection by a resident, neighbor or security system.


In the event that your barriers are defeated, this element is crucial. This can include an alarm system, a dog, a neighbor or anything that will detect the assault on your property and notify someone. With an alarm system, a loud siren will send most intruders running and either you, your Central Monitoring Station or both will be alerted, allowing for a proper response.


Upon receiving an alert you or your Monitoring Station will then call the Police, as most break-ins will occur while the property is unoccupied. In the frightening event that you are present, you will have time to escape, hide, or access your defense weapon. Plan and Rehearse this last element well. Those who plan, WIN. Refer to our Home Security Tips for more information on Response Planning!

If you have any questions or would like any further information, Contact Us. Together we will make our community a safer place, eliminating opportunities for crime, one property at a time.