Your level of Personal Security can be defined by your MINDSET, HABITS and PREPARATION. Adopt the SURVIVOR’S MINDSET, choose the HABITS that are most relevant to you and PREPARE for threats.


  • Try to walk into every situation like it is brand new, even if it is somewhere you visit everyday. This will keep your observation skills sharp. Familiarity leads to complacency and that’s when you’ll get caught off guard.
  • Keep your mind in the moment when you’re out in public. Predators will be looking for those that seem preoccupied or oblivious to the threat that they pose.
  • Never believe that “It wont happen to me." Mentally rehearse threatening situations with you ending it as the victor.
  • When you realize that the situation you’re in might turn threatening, play dumb and don’t show it. When you decide on your course of action, you’ll have the advantage of knowing more than your adversary.
  • If a robber wants your purse or wallet and he has the means to harm you, don’t hand it to him. Toss the purse or wallet and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. He wants your money and most likely wont pursue you, but allow him to have control for too long and anything can happen.


  • Avoid giving up too much personal information on social media. Be aware that any of this information could be used to harm you.
  • When you must travel alone, over long distances or on foot, stay in contact with others. Let them know when you leave, the path you plan to take, how long until you get there, and let them know when you arrive.
  • When you enter an establishment, especially a crowded one like a bar or event, take the extra minute to locate the exits. In the event of a fire or violence, that bit of information will save your life and possibly those of others.
  • Always walk on the left side of the street, facing oncoming traffic, to decrease a predator’s ability to sneak up on you in a vehicle. You’ll also be facing any other threat that may come your way, such as a distracted driver who is veering into your path, allowing you to avoid it.
  • Avoid keeping everything in your purse. In the event that it is lost or stolen, you don’t want your phone, wallet, personal information, car keys, address and house keys all in the wrong, same set of hands. Imagine what a boon it would be for a criminal to find such a thing.
  • Park as close to establishment entrances as possible and avoid parking near a lot’s perimeter. Predators look for isolated targets and a quick escape. The outskirts of a parking lot, especially at night, provide both.
  • Place a post-it note over the webcam on your computer when you’re not using it, as webcams can and do get hacked. Hackers use private images taken through the webcam to blackmail unsuspecting victims.
  • Look inside and around your car before getting in, to ensure no one is waiting for you, especially at night.