The Professional Grade, Completely Wireless, CONNECT+ Security System Is Here!

Product Features:

  • With 3 Times the wireless range of prevailing systems, you can be confident that your system will perform when you need it most!
  • Simple & Easy to use Touchscreen lets you quickly turn sensors on or off, view specific sensor status, adjust security settings, and more!
  • Seamlessly Add Home Automation (Smart Devices) such as locks, thermostats, lights and garage doors!
  • Control your Security System, Smart Home Devices, and Security Cameras, in One App, From Anywhere!
  • Easily set up Scenes that complete your Home Automation experience!
  • Receive Security Alerts, Arm/Disarm your system & View Live Video & Clips from your Smartphone!

Compared To Conventional Security:

While we also install and maintain many conventional, wired security systems, labor on installation of these systems can be costly. With a Connect+ System, Simple installation after programming is a fast and inexpensive step, even allowing customers to perform the installation themselves if they so choose! But unlike the DIY systems bought from big box stores, With the Connect+ System from Boss Lock & Security you get the reliability of Professional Grade products and the local experts to back it up – never leaving you in the dark or on the phone trying to troubleshoot issues yourself with tech support.

Intrusion Sensors

Glass Break



Life Safety Sensors


Carbon Monoxide

Panic Pendant

Environmental Sensors



Honeywell / Ademco Security

Looking for a more conventional system? The equipment we use from Honeywell Ademco has been tried and proven for over 60 years since they entered the security industry in 1957. These systems can be hardwired, wireless, or a combination of the two. With the widest variety of sensors and detectors for burglar, fire, CO, Flood or Low Temp, this system will cover all your bases and more!

All systems can be left as a local alarm, in which earsplitting sirens send intruders running and alert occupants, or customers can choose to monitor their systems at a low rate!


Remote Notifications and Control via your smartphone lets you receive alerts on the status of your security system. If your system goes into alarm, if it is disarmed or armed, loses power, has a low battery, a damaged sensor, or if there are any changes at all, you will be notified. A virtual keypad app also allows you to control your security system while you are away.

You may also choose to subscribe to Central Station Monitoring, which means that when your alarm is tripped, the signal will be sent to the Central Station where operators monitor your alarm system 24/7. The operator will call the contact number (or numbers) to ensure its not a false alarm, if you don’t answer or answer in distress, the police are sent to your property. 

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